What To Expect

What should I wear?

You are not required to dress in any particular way – we simply want our people to dress according to the Bible’s instruction about modesty, appropriateness, and reverence. Most of our folks choose a “business casual” style. If you would like to see how we dress, check out our video on the home page.


What should I bring?

We study from the Bible – so if you have a personal copy you prefer to use, we’d love for you to bring it with you.


Will you ask for money?

No. Our church is supported by voluntary giving. We place an offering box in the church lobby for any who would like to make a donation. We occasionally alert our regular attendees to a special need, but visitors should feel no obligation to contribute.


Do you provide child care?

Yes. We provide nursery for children ages 0-4. And we offer Children’s Church (5-12) the second and fourth Sundays of every month.


Any other questions?

Contact us with any other questions.